Gold is for the long term.

Gold is for the long term.

The slow 2 year correction of 39% in Gold`s 13 years bull market, could end by Sept 2013, with a possibility of stretching out till the end of the year, due to the international cash flows rushing into the US Dollar`s perceived safety in an attempt to avoid domestic concerns, this may overwhelm the large dollar short positions for what could be a massive short squeeze & a dollar high by 2015, then once the dollar problems become visible this will result in a dollar sell off back into alternative safety like Gold, taking it to new historic highs.

Gold multiplied 5x from the early 1970’s low of $35 p/oz, then corrected 44% lower in 1975 only to resume back up 8x reaching the 1980 high of over $800 p/oz.
Don`t forget that Gold has multiplied 7x from the early 2000’s low of $254 p/oz. If Gold repeats its historic multi decade performances, we are going to see much higher Gold prices.

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