National Bank of Panama suspend all services over payday weekend


The National Bank of Panama announced that it has suspending all services until Tuesday the 1st of October. The National Bank of Panama claims that the reason for the 5 day bank holiday is to upgrade systems.

The Clave (Debit Card) system has been taken offline. No wire transfers between banks and internationally until the 1st of October.

This system wide shutdown has country wide implications. The National Bank of Panama did not warn the people before making the announcement and shutting down the banks. The people do not have access to ATM’s either. We received word of this from family members first. This weekend is payday for people across Panama.

Is the next Cyprus-style bankster bail-in about to be implemented in Panama?  Read more at

  • Link to Banco Nacional De Panamá late announcement:

Link post Translated: National Bank of Panama suspend their services this weekend

September 26, 2013

From noon tomorrow, Friday, September 27, until Monday, September 30, the National Bank of Panama (BNP) suspended its services to implement Phase II of the process of updating its technology platform.reported that BNP Saturday 28 and Sunday September 29 will stop using key cards at ATMs Banconal both the entity, and the rest of the banking network across the country. For this situation, it was reported that ACH transactions received through online banking on Friday until noon on Monday will be processed on Tuesday, October 1.

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