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Welcome visitor, I’m told it is difficult to write about yourself, so here goes..,

My psychiatrist believes that most of my personalities are friendly, with at least one good sense of humor…  If your still reading this then you are either concerned, or like myself you appreciate a little fun sometimes.

Here is what you need to know;

I am Associate Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, enjoying a successful career as an off-shore financial advisor for the largest independent consultancy group across the globe, my work has helped enrich my network to include well known high profile connections within the investment industry. I am also an experienced Forex Trader & long time gold investor, responsible for estate planning & managing private client portfolios within secure tax efficient jurisdiction`s.

This blog is to share my views & other insights from highly respected professionals which have a history of being correct, thought provoking & also may challenge the general consensus.

I hope you enjoy an alternative viewpoint, or at least get the chance to learn something new. I highly recommend getting financially educated in today’s global economy, especially in this uncertain period, it is definitely not business as usual!

This is the time to understand the challenges & opportunities that are present during this conflicting battle of inflation & deflation. There are some people open to the possibility of change & are prepared to adapt, while others just want to preserve their current status, some do not care about what’s happening in the economy, and then there are those talking with financial advisors to help explore profitable opportunities & to access the best secure tax efficient jurisdictions for their families wealth, for example; there are consistent  discretionary managed portfolio strategies normally limited to sovereign funds, governments and institutions, for the first time in 2013, individuals can now be involved with exclusive access to multi-asset strategies thru my company.

This decade is not about saving, I believe that it’s more about global positioning & hedging, the rules of money have changed, and the updated banking rules being enforced do not favour depositors.

As part of multi generational estate planning, it may prove prudent to explore a hedging strategy and review alternative jurisdictions for surplus cash.

BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Banking & Finance Industry expert contribution.

March 2012 Publication: The New Rules of Money(Link)

A brief introduction to the relationship of Gold, Money & Debt, with the inflationary erosion realities to support the importance of wealth preservation as a key strategy when planning your finances.

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