European Banks At Risk Of Bail-Ins In 2015 – Moody’s and S&P Warn

Credit ratings agencies’ frequent warnings regarding bail-ins in recent months have largely been ignored.

“Europe’s banks are vulnerable in 2015 due to weak macroeconomic conditions, unfinished regulatory hurdles and the risk of bail-ins” according to credit rating agencies.

Bank Bail-ins

In March of this year, credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) warned that the move towards “bail-ins” and away from “bailouts” continues to evolve and pose risks to European banks and their credit ratings.

Bank of England plans to make bondholders and depositors bear the cost of bailing out failing banks, led Moody’s to downgrade its outlook on the UK banking sector this August. The rating agency said that it had changed its outlook for the UK financial system from “stable” to “negative”, citing the developing global “bail in regime” of creditor and depositor bail-in.

Moody’s have warned of bail-ins numerous times in recent months. In June of this year, Moody’s cut the outlook for Canadian bank debt to negative over the new ‘bail-in’ regime.

Depositors in some Cyprus banks saw 50% or more of their life savings confiscated overnight.


The truth is that banks in most western nations are vulnerable to bail-ins in 2015 and the recent G20 meeting in Brisbane was a further move towards the stealth bail-in regimes.

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RoboCoin: Bitcoin’s First Real ATM becoming Main Street

RoboCoin is Bitcoin’s First Real ATM. Never before have people been able to buy and sell Bitcoin with such ease. RoboCoin is also the smartest way to invest in Bitcoin.

Google – The New Bank – Rollover BitCoin & Banks – Its the Internet Revolution

The trend to pay attention to is Google Wallet,
which is targeting the traditional banks


Google has launched in the US market its electronic purse known as the Google Wallet. This form of electronic money enables users to pay for the internet as well as a rising number of stores like Starbucks. However, Google Wallet also allows you to send and receive money. In Europe, the search engine already has a banking license and could start at any time. Because Google’s Android operating system runs on many smartphones, the company has the ready market globally.

Google Wallet has the best conditions to establish their electronic money in Europe including Germany and Switzerland than any other system. The younger the generation, the greater the market share Google already has in place. Extending their business into banking will be much easier than anyone anticipates. Google is poised to emerge as a bank that nobody seems to quite appreciate at this time.

Apple’ latest iPhone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The strategy in product development is clear. With this technology, your cell phone can become the most secure credit card because it will require your fingerprint to function. Apple is using this technology in its music platform iTunes that again is used in a greater proportion as you move down the age group..

Facebook is also applying for a banking license in Ireland. They intend to offer banking using its vast worldwide online network throughout Europe. We are looking at a younger generation moving rapidly to electronic money much faster than the older generations even think is possible.

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Growing Demand from Digital Money Competition.

Central authorities have always forced the closure of alternative currencies that can challenge the system, this time it’s different & attempts to shutdown a major competing monetary alternative have failed, resulting into a concerned priority to maximise compliance & public relation tools to slow down its rising popularity.

This new short 6 minute documentary is a MUST SEE:

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12 cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin

Link to article: 12 cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin


Quark is a next generation crypto-currency


Bitcoin is not just digital currency. It’s Napster for finance.

In the next year, Bitcoin will start its transformation from a mere currency into an entire open-source, decentralized exchange for everything from futures contracts to car rentals.

Link: FORTUNE — In 2013, bitcoin’s valuation didn’t just skyrocket, but its infrastructure, services, and adoption exploded as well….. 


Link: Introducing the new BTC Swaps: “Zero-Trust Digital Contracts,” on the Bitcoin network. Intelligent derivative layers of smart financial contracts that sit on top of the Bitcoin architecture. In short, the recreation of the banking industry in software – without the trust and counterparty risk issues!