Update on Fukushima


Remember, nuclear energy is safe, like GMOs, like the NSA/Homeland Security Police State, like whatever government, corporate interests and presstitute media tell you.
Just keep believing.


The Truthseeker: NATO False Flags in Ukraine

Warning: Graphic images. Scenes may be disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Vote “NO to Conflict” & NO More killing!

Global decision makers never appear to be in harms way, yet their policies enforced are taking too many lives & too frequently!

Too often individuals in positions of power from around the globe, while sitting comfortably behind a desk in a secure office far from danger, are promoting force & aggressive actions that get people killed!

The goals presented too often to justify their actions & beliefs being sold to the public are rarely achieved, & are normally challenged years later with hidden agendas contradicting the real motives behind the campaigns for destruction & loss of families, which coincidently always seems to the benefit the few with business interests in the areas being destabilised.

No one wins with war, everyone loses.
Stop the battles of dictatorship, vote “No More”