Most Americans don’t know this…

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For the first time in the history of our business, we’re releasing information on tax efficient income streams available for Americans & Green Card holders.

It’s called a Contract Based Personal Contribution Scheme. A special type of retirement account that acts like a 401(k) or an IRA, but with major differences…

  • It generates much more savings than any traditional retirement vehicle
  • You can access your money 10 years earlier, from the age of 50
  • Tax free lump sum withdrawals available for 30% of the pension fund value
  • No maximum on contributions, e.g uncapped IRA
  • Tax free growth
  • Free of capital gains tax
  • Full gross roll up for compounded investment returns
  • Unrestricted access to the global market opportunities
  • Plan not subject to PFICs reporting rules on foreign investments
  • FATCA compliant
  • Diversified currencies to hedge exchange rates
  • Zero death tax including foreign spouse.
  • Reduced tax on income distribution.

All I can say here is that it’s a no brainer…

And even though this contract based personal contribution retirement plan can generate a lot more cash than IRAs, your typical 401(k), or even Obama’s newly proposed MyRA (a short way of saying “My IRA”)…

Most people haven’t heard about these plans for one simple reason,

This has not been available to the public until recently, which could forever change the way people in America retire. The problem is, the average citizen just doesn’t know about it, yet.

Keep in mind, it’s a way for you to secure consistent income in a far more profitable & tax efficient way for retirement.

According to the Federal Reserve, the value of a typical 401(k) is about $120,000. That’s almost nothing if you’re looking at retiring anytime soon.

This is a lot less than the amount you could collect through compounded growth by deferring taxes for gross roll up with after tax dollars.

If more Americans knew about these plans, we wouldn’t be looking at a time when ordinary people are forced to work into their 70s (or even 80s).

But here’s what’s really mind-blowing…

99% of the investing public still have no idea these plans even exist…

If you’re interested, I’ll give you all the details to know if it’s right for you.

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Companies Dropping Healthcare for Retired Employees and others Begin laying-off those about to retire.

This Trend is not your friend !!!
Protect your future with a tax friendly savings & investment strategyYour Fired-Pink-Slip-LayoffInternational Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is moving about 110,000 retirees off its company-sponsored health plan, They will be given a payment to buy coverage on a health-insurance exchange. The medical profession has out-priced itself and the contraction will become obvious starting in 2016.
Other companies are laying-off employees 2 to 3 years before reaching retirement. This is the new scheme to deal with pensions. Even the military is laying-off people and moving them to private contractors to escape retirement.

Source: Armstrong Economics